Deciding on Your Hair Colour

I was asked recently by one of my friends to write a blog about how to decide on what hair colour to choose for your colouring. This is actually a really important thing to take into account. It’s a burning question many of my clients have when they come for a colour consultation and I keep a hair colour chart in my studio so that I can show them.

Harmony and balance

The main thing to remember, is that with colour we are trying to create harmony and balance between your colouring and the colours you wear. This isn’t just your clothes but your make-up and hair colour as well. There is a saying that goes ‘when the eye sees harmony it sees beauty’.

So where to start?

The first thing to think about is your undertone, if you have a warm or a cool one. During a colour consultation I ask my clients what their hair colour was when they were young teenagers, before they’d ever coloured it or it had maybe started to change naturally. If they tell me they had any auburn or chestnut in it then it gives me a good indicator that they have a warmer colouring, if they tell me they were very ash blonde with no warmth at all then that probably shows they have a cooler undertone. This relates directly into what colour I would recommend they have now.

warm hair.jpg                     ash blonde.jpg

        Warm Colouring                                      Cool Colouring


Which Blonde?

This is probably the question I get asked the most "what tone of blonde should I go". Again, think about your undertone. If you have a cooler skin tone colouring with blue, grey, green or clear brown eyes then go for a more ash blonde without much warmth in it to create harmony. If you have a warmer skin tone with earthier brown, green or blue eyes then go for a more strawberry or honey blonde.

honey blonde.jpg                 cool hair.jpg

         Strawberry Blonde                              Ash Blonde

Darker Hair

If you prefer to have darker hair then think about your other features as well. If you have very dark eyes with a lot of contrast then a dark to deep dark brown or even a black may suit you very well, similar to that of the Duchess of Sussex. If by contrast you have pale eyes and eyebrows and a lightness to your colouring then stick to the lighter blonde tones.

Darker hair on  warm skin tone could be anywhere from auburn or a deep copper such as Christina Hendricks. With a cool skin tone you could go anywhere from silver to black, as long as it doesn’t have any warm tones, why not try pink like Dame Helen Mirren!

dark warm.jpg                      Dark Cool.jpg

         Deep Warm                                            Deep Cool


I hope this has been helpful but as always please do contact me directly for any personal help.