Everyone can wear every colour - but what shade is best for you?

When I first fell in love with colour, I thought every colour under the sun would work for me. I dabbled and tried out all the options on the rails, showcasing my personality through fashion. I felt fantastic in some pieces and wondered why others didn’t feel so great on me.

Then I learned how colours can work for all of us, but it’s all about the tones. When you understand the colours that can work for you and the ones that may work against you, you can save time, money, and more importantly, feel and look your best.

Why do I do colour analysis?

We all want to feel fabulous, and our style can be a big part of boosting our confidence. One main consideration of the items we add to our wardrobe are the colours and patterns that we choose. A personal colour analysis will show you why particular colours complement you better than others and how to wear them to your best effect. If you wear the wrong colours you can look washed out, overwhelmed, unwell and they can be ageing. In the right colours you will look bright and vibrant, healthy and youthful. Don’t take my word for it, check out my client testimonials.

The same goes for the make-up that we wear, which is why I bring make up into my colour analysis. When we know the colours that help us shine with confidence, we can then build outfits that we will feel great in. Colour Me Beautiful even have a range of make-up that is specifically matched to your colouring, click here to see their range.

So, how do we discover the colours that work in our wardrobes?

It all starts with finding the tones of the colours that work with your skin tone. Colours have countless shades within them – for example green can be warm, cool, soft, clear, deep or light – so we need to discover which of those tones are best suited to you.

Whether we are face to face, or online, we can match the fabric colour swatches I have to your skin and we create a swatch wallet with 42 (yes! 42! Or 30 if we are online) colours that a best for you.

With this wallet you can sort through your wardrobe knowing that everything in there makes you look fabulous (click here to read my blog on how to edit your wardrobe for more tips) and then head to the shops with your handy fabric swatch wallet to match the colours that will work best for your skin tone.

The shades of colours within your wallet are matched to you – so whether you want to have the whole rainbow or select a few shades you love, you’ll know the colours to select.

A few examples of how different skin tones match with different colours

I can hear you thinking that it’s all well and good me sharing that it’s a fantastic colour analysis system to help boost your confidence and save you time, but how can we see it in the real world?

Excellent question… while I could share with you all the 6 different “dominants” we look at during a colour analysis, how I drape you in your best 42 colours and show you how to wear your neutral and accent colours together, I don’t want to overwhelm you. One way you can tell what colours work for you, without getting a colour analysis and going deeper, is to consider the base tones of your skin & your eyes.

For example: if you have darker hair (naturally) and deeper eyes, you will tend to look best in darker, richer and deeper colours. While those of you who have a more delicate colouring, with blonde hair and lighter eyes will want to invest in the lighter shade of a colour to bring harmony and balance to your overall look.

How to start adding colour to your wardrobe

If you want to give this a go on your own, the next time you dig deep in you wardrobe or go shopping, bring different items of varying colours up to your face. Do certain shades make you shine and make your complexion look clearer? Perhaps others feel like they wash you out?

These are the first baby steps you can take to knowing where to go in terms of colours for your wardrobe. However, if you’d like to know more, or get a more bespoke service, I would love to help.

For me, style should be an enjoyable and fun part of our day, rather than one in which we feel overwhelmed. That’s why I love doing what I do as a personal stylist, so if you do want to start adding more colours to your wardrobe, please get in touch to see how my Colour Analysis can help.

Either email me at sarah@abfabimage.co.uk, or click to contact me.

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