As we get older our features soften and one of the first tell tale signs can be through our eyebrows. They will become more sparce and pale in colour and grey hairs will start to appear (I know mine have). When my clients come in for a make-up one of the things that always wows them is when I definte their eyebrow with a pencil, they can't believe the difference it can make.

So what can we do to bring them back to their youthful beauty?


The first thing to think about is the shape of your eyebrow. If they are growing down too far then they will make your eyes look smaller and more tired. By lifting the eyebrow you will lift the whole eye. The diagram below shows you how to shape them if you choose to do them yourself. Personally I get them threaded every 2 weeks to keep them in check. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not a painless experience but you will definitely see great results from this. You can also have them waxed, which again isn’t painless but the results can be fantastic. They do say no pain no gain!!



I have my eyebrows tinted every 4-6 weeks, just a light brown which brings back a natural youthful look. This covers the grey hairs and brings more definition to my face. If you don’t want them tinted then use one of the products on the market to bring more definition, either a pencil or a powder.



As we age our eyebrows become more sparce, this can lead to gaps appearing and also the tail of the brow disappearing on some people leading to a shorter brow that doesn’t frame the eye. The best thing to do with this is use an eyebrow pencil with short strokes to resemble the hairs. Make sure that the colour you use is as close to your own hair colour as possible. The flip side to this is that they may grow longer and coarser, you can see a beautician who will be able to trim these down for you and style them.



One last thing to remember is that EYEBROWS ARE SISTERS, NOT TWINS!! They do NOT need to be a mirror image of each other but should complement each other. 

If you would like to know more about how to shape your eyebrows or products that you can use then please do contact me and I will be very happy to discuss this with you.