How can a Personal Stylist Help You?

Are you a busy lady?

Do you want to look and feel fabulous but don't have the time to put into it to get there yourself?

Would you like a fairy godmother to come and take control of your wardrobe so you always have something that you love wearing, for any occasion? If you answered yes to these questions then you will definitely benefit from having a personal stylist.

As a personal stylist the most important thing is to know my client's lifestyle to ensure that all the styles I present to them are appropriate and appealing and that they will look in their wardrobe and be excited to see them hanging there.

Step One

The first thing that I will do is carry out a colour analysis and style and image assessment.

By doing this I will know my client's best colours to make them look healthy, youthful, confident and then the clothes they wear will create harmony and balance with their own colouring. I ensure that they are wearing the colour and not the colour wearing them. The Style and Image assessment will include finding out the client's body shape, proportions, scale, and importantly, their style personality. If they are a Natural style personality then there will be no point me giving them a style that includes lots of lace and ribbons and bows, likewise if they are a romantic style personality they will be less likely to be interested in a plain cashmere jumper.

Step Two

Once I am fully conversant with their colour, style and image I am then ready to carry out a wardrobe edit. This does not necessarily mean going in and throwing everything out that's not perfect, I will find many outfits to put together that my client would probably not have thought of previously and will identify gaps that need filling.

Step Three

Once I am aware of all the above then it is time to go shopping to fill the gaps and add any updates that are necessary. Generally I will do the majority of the shopping myself prior to meeting the client. I am armed with all the necessary information I require to ensure that I put aside items that my client is going to love, then she will only need to take the minimum amount of time out of her busy schedule to look at, try on and purchase her new items.

Moving On

Once we have carried out these initial stages I will know my client really well and be able to help with special occasion outfits, capsule packing for business or pleasure travelling and seasonal update dressing. I will make recommendations most months of items that I have found that would complement their wardrobe and will be on call for any queries they may have. By using my service my clients always look and feel comfortable, confident and stylish but with minimal time taken away from their busy lives, leaving them time to enjoy things they want to do but looking fabulous whilst doing them.

Become your Own Personal Stylist

If you have the time, and enjoy keeping up with fashion and styles and the shopping process then become your own stylist. It is still important to carry out the first stages and by visiting an expert to find out your best colours and style. I can show you how to make the best of your wardrobe and shopping so that you can enjoy styling yourself.