How Does Online Colour Analysis Work?

Why Online Colour Analysis?

I am getting asked this question a lot at the moment, understandably. Traditionally, a colour analysis would have involved you coming to me and I would drape you in lots of coloured scarves to see which colours suited you best. But I’ll let you into a little secret, as an experienced colour consultant I will have a fairly good idea of what dominant category you will fall into from when you first walk in the door. Occasionally it needs further testing to be sure, I will find out more about you, so if you fall between two dominants I will factor into my decision which one will fit best into your lifestyle and with your personality.

I had always wanted to be able to offer an online version but those were in the days before every one of us became fluent in Zoom and if I’d have suggested it the thought would have been unthinkable to so many of my clients (and me too if I’m totally honest).

But things are different now, our lives have moved online for the most part and a Zoom call, or whatever platform you may use, seems second nature to us. So, this is the direction I have now moved, and I am so delighted I have.

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How does Online Colour Analysis work?

The first thing I will do is to ask you to send me a couple of photos of yourself, facing a window or light, and in several different coloured tops or scarves if possible. The choice of those tops is up to you. I will also ask you to confirm your eye, complexion and hair colour. From this I can usually decide on your dominant colouring or narrow it down to between 2.

We will then meet up online for your online colour anlysis consultation. I will ask you to have some different coloured tops or scarves with you, in fact I will often ask you to be near your wardrobes which makes the whole experience more interactive.

I will show you your colour swatch wallet and explain how it works. Then comes the part where I will show you some of your best colours. The chances are you will have some in your wardrobe that you can pull out so I can explain why they look so fabulous on you. I will also explain which colours to avoid and why. It’s not just about knowing your colours, its also about knowing how to wear them. Should they be worn as a top against your face, or as a skirt or trousers further away. Which would be great colours for a winter coat and which one for an accompanying scarf. I will also tell you which colour of make-up will harmonise best with your own colouring.

Once we’ve gone through all of this, there is plenty of time for me to answer all your questions.

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What Happens Next?

I will post out your dominant colour wallet to you the next day so you can get on with sorting out your wardrobe and maybe adding in a few pieces in your perfect colours.

Once you have received your colour wallet and start loving and wearing your best colours all you then need to do is wait for the compliments to come flying in when people see how confident and radiant you look.


How Can I Find out More about Online Colour Analysis?

If you would be interested in finding out more about the online colour analysis service, then contact me here