How to choose the perfect dress

Did you know that it is reported that fashion is the second highest pollutant in the world? Do you think that you contribute to this issue? I can put my hand up and say that I have definitely been guilty of over indulgence when it comes to purchasing too many clothes that don’t get worn much, but I now feel educated enough to have changed my thinking and also my buying habits.


We should be purchasing clothes that will get at least 30 wears, at present most garments only get an average of 7.5 wears! What a statistic.


From observing my own previous habits and those of my clients, one of the main reasons we buy so many items is that we don’t buy clothes that feel amazing on, so we are always looking for that elusive perfect garment that we will look forward to wearing and will look fabulous at any time and believe that the next purchase will be ‘the one’. The problem is, if you keep buying the same kind of clothes you will always get the same outcome.


For me, I was always looking for the perfect dress, the one I can wear anywhere, with anything at any time of day, and guess what.. I found it, and here it is! But how did I find this perfect dress, it’s a simple formula:-




For me, this is the perfect neutral colour. I love animal print and this one is a perfect toned down print so it’s not shouting out too much. This means that I can dress it up with lots of other colours from my colour palette, especially my favourite colour red.


The shape of this dress is perfect for my full hourglass figure, it fits at the waist to show my slimmest part and then skims out over my hips. It has a V-neck which is also flattering for a fuller bust.

Style & Versatility

This dress is super versatile. To get 30 wears out of a dress I am definitely going to need it to be versatile. I have worn this dress out for date night with a pair of dressy shoes, shopping with a pair of flats and in the winter with boots. I have worn it with red, black, mustard and green jackets and with an array of different jewellery from gold and pearls to beads. I have put a large number of different coloured scarves with it to give it a different look.

In Summary

This is my perfect dress and has had in excess of 30 wears for sure. By knowing your colouring, your shape, and your style you too can find the perfect dress. In fact, I loved this dress so much that when I saw it in another colourway I snapped that up too and that dress is well on it’s way to the 30+ wears.


Please do contact me if you’d like to know how I can help you find that elusive perfect dress, it’s out there waiting for you!