How to dress a Triangle body shape

The Triangle

Otherwise known as the pear, this body shape is focussed very much on the hips and is the most common body shape, you will find that when you put weight on this is where it will sit. Think Michelle Obama, Kristin David and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The main thing to remember with this body shape is to bring all the attention to your top half and keep straight, simple lines on the bottom half of your body to balance your out your body shape. Here’s my advice when it comes to dressing a Triangle Shape.

• Balance your proportions. As your hips are wider than your shoulders, emphasise your shoulders and widen them. Subtle shoulder pads can look fantastic but if you're looking for a classic style, don't go full on 1980's shoulders. It's a look that will date.

• To make legs look longer, a shorter, cropped jacket can look really strong. As will wearing the same colour shoes and your tights or trousers e.g nude tights/nude shoes, blue tights/blue shoes, black tights/black shoes etc .

• Kick flare trousers are great for triangle body shapes. They add balance to your overall look.

• Opt for trousers that are not too tight, so tailored trousers are your best option and avoid trousers that sit on the hips. Steer clear of trousers with pockets, a side zip will give a clean line.

• Bring all the attention to your top half as this will draw the eye upward. A bold colour, a great pattern, a textured fabric or layers will bring the attention to your top half. Do you know your body shape and how do you best dress for it?