How to stay stylish and give a great impression on your Video Call

Why is it so important to worry about how you look on a video call, after all we’re all working from home now aren’t we? Well yes, we are, which makes it even more important that the impression you give is the right one, the best version of you, as someone is just looking at a 2 dimensional image of you and not in person. Here are my top tips for a professional and stylish video call from home, even with limited resources.

Think about colour

From the clothes that you are wearing, to your background and any ‘props’ that you might have around. You want your face to look in harmony with what you’re wearing. If you have had your colours analyised you will already know which colours to wear. If you are a light colouring and you wear a black roll neck you will disappear into the background, similarly if you have a deeper colour with say dark hair and eyes, if you wear a pale pink you are likely to look washed out. In any case I would in fact suggest you don’t wear anything too high necked and leave a bit of skin under your chin by wearing a v-neck, round neck or scoop neck to add a bit of length. Quite often the lighting can create shadows under the chin area so keep this clear if possible.

I know it’s very tempting to pop on a scarf to add a bit of colour to your face but make sure the knot isn’t too chunky as it makes you look as though you’re about to go out, and again leave a bit of space under the chin to add length to your face. I have put together a scarf tutorial video to show you which scarf to choose for your video call.

Wearing  patterned top on a video call can look very busy, especially if you have a lot going on in the background, a plain coloured top in your best colour is definitely more flattering and easier on the eye for the person you are talking to.

IMG_3354.JPG               IMG_3355 - Copy.JPG    

Don’t Lose Your Personality

In my Style & Image consultations I talk a lot about style personality. This is your very essence, what makes you decide what clothes you love and how you present your uniqueness to the world. If you have a natural style personality, then staying at home is probably suiting you very well as you love to wear loungewear and be comfortable. If you are someone like me who is a dramatic then clothes to lounge around in are a real challenge. When thinking about what to wear on a video call try not to lose who you are. If you are a classic you may well decide to wear a blouse and a string of pearls, a dramatic may well still wear a bright coloured top and a statement necklace, we’ll come onto jewellery later. So, try not to lose who you are as you may struggle to find yourself again when all this is finished.

Jewellery and Accessories

Jewellery is another way to bring colour, brightness and light to your face. Again, think about the colour as you don’t want your earrings to be the only thing people are looking at. Anything that swings when you move is probably not a good idea as it’s really distracting. A simple bracelet is great but if you have too many then they can end up being noisy when you move your arms. If you wear a statement necklace, then let that be the only large item of jewellery and compliment with a stud earring. Check out my video with tips on what jewellery to wear.

Wear your favourite perfume, just for you, it will give you a lift and make you feel fabulous at the same time.



You may not think it’s worth putting on a full-face make-up for a video call, and if it’s not something you enjoy doing then that is totally understandable. However, for a video call it’s worth putting on a few bits of make-up just to add definition to your face.To find out how to do your best make-up for a video call watch my video tutorial here.



Dressing your Set

For the short while you are on your call everything around you is your set, and you are in control of what impression it gives to the person on the other side. If there is mess around, put it on the floor or move it to the other side of the room. Look at yourself in the camera before you go on the call and take note of what’s behind you, move things around to make it a more pleasing view for the person you are talking to.  Can you put some flowers on a table behind you, is there a nice picture hung somewhere that you could sit in front of so that is your background? Move things around as props so your immediate surroundings look calm even if the rest of the room is in chaos (I’m definitely guilty of this). If you do all of this, then you will give the best impression of yourself to anyone that is looking at you from the other side of the screen.Screen and Lighting

Look at yourself in the camera that you are going to be using for your video or video call and see if you’re looking down into it, what do you look like to the other person. Try lifting the lens of the camera so you are looking directly into it, this will lengthen your neck, which will not only look better but will also be better for your posture. Is your face in shade? If it is then play with positioning a light that will brighten your face, this will make it easier for you to be seen and will probably make your skin look better too.

There are some more great tips about lighting and backgrounds in this article from The Entrepreneur 


So, these are my top tips for giving a wonderful impression of yourself on a video or video call. If you would like to find out more about looking your best through colour analysis or styling then please do contact me.

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