Keep it Sunny Side Up this Season

Yellow; the colour associated with all things happy and bright, is often viewed as a ‘tricky’ shade to wear. It is certainly true that yellow doesn’t suit all skin tones, but that’s not to say it isn’t still a fabulously versatile colour which can enhance both your complexion and your mood when you wear it. 

If you have a Warm undertone then Yellow is a colour that will suit you as it will balance and harmonise with your natural colouring. Depending on the depth and clarity of your colouring, different shades of Yellow will work better than others.

Which Yellow is for You

The fairer you are, the lighter the shade of yellow you can wear on its own. If you have a fair skin tone and blonde hair try a delicate yellow like Primrose worn with Light Grey or Stone (or on its own).

For fair skin and dark hair add some contrast by combining Lemon Yellow with Chinese Blue for a bright Summertime combination. 


If your skin tone is more of a medium depth, with hair that is mid-brown, then Light Gold worn with Light Navy, Rust or Charcoal Blue will balance your colouring beautifully.

Oriental skin tones can sometimes be difficult to categorise as being Warm or Cool - just because the skin tone may appear more yellow, does not necessarily mean your undertone is Warm. Experiment with Cool colours like Fuchsia and Cassis to see how they affect your pallor before diving into wearing Yellow. 


Darker and black skin tones look fabulous in a deeper shade of Yellow like Mustard, or a lighter shade like Primrose worn in contrast with another colour (for example, Dark Navy or Damson).

If you don't have a Warm undertone you can still wear yellow away from your face. A pair of yellow shoes or a yellow bag will give your outfit an instant injection of sunshine. If you like prints then opting for one that is predominantly in your colour palette with some flashes of yellow will also work well.

Unsure which Colours are right for You

Colour analysis will tell you what your dominant colour category is and how this determines why certain shades complement you. You'll discover which shades work best for you and how to combine them to maximum effect.