Live a Life more Colourful!

Live a Life more Colourful!

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Colour… it really is my favourite subject. There is so much to learn and know about the power of colour. This is how I feel about colour… you know how some people get SAD in the early months of the year when there is a lack of sunlight, well for me I feel down when the colour is drained from the world. The beginning of the year is usually grey and dull, nature has lost her beauty and we all start wearing neutral colours. The way I counteract this is by wearing bright colours to cheer up my mood, and it really works. It’s difficult to feel down when you’re in a bright red faux fur coat!!

Ok, so maybe a red faux fur coat isn’t for everyone but a lot of that is down to style personality (which we’ll explore in future blogs). By knowing the colours that not only suit you best, but that you actually love, it will make your day much happier. By choosing colours that create harmony with your own natural colouring people may look at you in a new light. You will look more in control, more balanced, healthier, younger and ultimately more confident and walk with your head held higher.

You may think this is all a bit of twaddle but believe me, I have seen it happen numerous times with my clients. When they arrive to my studio they may be feeling old, dull, boring and in need of a boost. By adding the right colour to their life they learn to see themselves differently. It’s addictive, as soon as you start to see the positive reaction people have to you it is lifting and you want more of it. But more importantly than other people’s reactions is how you see yourself. That moment you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and think ‘hey, I look pretty ok’, now that is a great feeling.

In my future series of blogs about colour, we will explore the different colour types, which one you fall into and how to make the most of it. 

Thanks for joining me and I hope you’ll join me again. Don’t forget to check in with me on facebook, Instagram and my other social media platforms to find out more hints and tips to make you feel great.

Oh.. and here’s a picture of me in January shopping in Selfridges, in my red faux fur coat.

red fur coat