We all know the importance of Red Nose Day and the significance of the red nose, but why don’t we do something a bit different this year and have a red lip day!! I think I could actually manage to do that all day.

“But I’ve never found a red lipstick that suits me” I hear you say. That is a problem for many women and I had the same problem myself for years.  My drawer was full of every kind of red lipstick you could find, from matt and gloss lipsticks to red tinted gels and stains, but nothing really worked. I now know there are 2 secrets for everyone to get stunning and long lasting red lips.

Firstly you have to have the correct undertone for you. If you have a warm colouring you need to find a lipstick with a yellow base to it such as the sensational Colour Me Beautiful  Tomato and if you have a cool colouring you need one with a blue undertone such as the glamorous Red Carpet.

You will also need a lip pencil to give that perfect outline such as CMB Crimson. To give a more 3D effect finish it off with a gold lip gloss just at the middle of the top and bottom lip. Dune would be perfect for this.

Secondly, and most importantly, is preparing your lips for your lipstick. Very few of us can just put red lipstick onto our lips without some kind of a base, and let’s face it we really want it to last as well. So, here is the best prep for a faultless and long lasting red lip:-

When you are doing your foundation make sure you go over your lips to get a seamless line. Then use a lip primer. CMB have the most amazing eye and lip base (I love the fact it’s 2 products in one). Put this over the whole of the lips and blend in. Next step is to use your lip liner, carefully outline the lips with the point of the pencil and then angle it slightly and fill in the rest of the lip to give a good colour base. Next, with a lip brush apply your first coat of lipstick, ensuring you don’t go outside the line of the pencil. If you do just get a cotton bud and roll over the mistake and pop a bit of powder on.

So, you have now applied your first layer of lipstick. At this point you need blot your lips and pop on some loose powder, just a small amount and gently, this is to set the bottom layer of lipstick. Then add a second coat of lipstick, a quick and light blot and then apply the lip gloss.

If you follow these simple steps you will end up with long lasting and stunning red lips.

Happy RED LIP day everyone!!