Spring is here and we’ve all started to see a bit of sun shine through the windows. This is a wonderful feeling and inspires us to have a good Spring clean, we want everything to feel shiny and new and the tired old things can be slung out with the short winter days.

This also means it’s the perfect time go through our make-up drawer/bag/cupboard and keep all the good products, dispose of old and unused products and bring in a few new ones. But where do we start? Well I’m here to help you with that.


Firstly gather all of your make-up together, go through handbags and anywhere else we find make-up hiding and get it all visible in front of you. Now look at it and if there is anything you haven’t used for the last year then that can instantly be discarded as you have been through every season and not needed it. When it comes to time scales try to remember when you bought something, time goes so quickly that if you bought it for your cousins wedding which seems like last year, then just check it wasn’t actually 2 years ago!


Look at the make-up we have used and check how long we’ve had it, can we still keep it and use or it, or should we be replacing it. Here are the recommended guidelines for keeping make-up:-

Foundations: 18 months, as long as they retain their original texture

Compact powder: 3-5 years, however if the compact breaks throw it out as its likely to spread to other products

Powder eyeshadows: from 2-5 years

Cream/liquid eye shadow: 18 months

Lipsticks: 2 years provided it is well covered. If it smells bad throw it away. Gloss lasts for 18 months.

Mascara: 3-5 months, unless lumps have formed before then

Also have a visual check of your products. If you have a product that is within its life span but you have perhaps used your fingers to apply decide if it may be in danger of having bacteria on it, if you continue to use this product you may end up with breakouts on your skin.


So, now you have a set of hygienic products in front of you that you have bought within the last year. Be honest with yourself, do you have any there that you bought because you liked it in the shop, got it home and then wondered why you bought it. Or have you got the foundation that you bought thinking it was your colour only to find in real light that you look either too pale or too dark. It’s time for those to hit the bin and stop taking up precious space.


These are the essentials you need to make up your basic make-up kit:

2 x Foundations (a lighter shade for winter and a darker one for summer)

Face powder (loose or compact)

Blusher (powder or cream)

Eyeshadows in colours that suit your colouring

Eyeliner to emphasize your eyes


Eyebrow pencil to bring definition to your face

Lip liner


Lip gloss

Various applicators and brushers


My big tip for a quick make-up application every morning is have a bag/box/drawer with the basic products you use every day in so that you can put your hands on everything with ease. Then have another one for your evening and occasional make-up. It will make your morning routine so much easier.

If you are new to make-up and which colours and products are best for you then please visit me for a make-up lesson where I will be happy to go through your make-up and discuss which to keep and which to ditch and how to add new products in to update your every day look, along with lots of tips and hints. I use the fabulous range of Colour Me Beautiful cosmetics and will advise you which are the correct formulations and colours for you to use to give you a confident, youthful and healthy look.

If you feel inspired to purchase some new make-up then here is a link to the Colour Me Beautiful make-up website and I would be very happy to talk you through which colours are best for you.


If you follow thes simple steps you will end up with great products and you will definitely end up with a fabulous look every time you delve into your make-up bag. I’m here to help so if you have any queries just contact me!

To find out how I can help you achieve your desired look click here

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