Spring has Sprung Part 2!


Ok, so I’m sitting here writing this blog about Spring and it is wet and windy outside, but I still have a lightness of heart to me. I think that Spring is a feeling and not all about the weather.

I know we all look at the New Year as the start of something but actually, to me, spring is the start of all things new. In the animal world it marks the beginning of new life and the end of hibernation, in nature the trees and plants start to renew themselves and buds start to show on plants that have looked dead for months, so we should be the same. Look at Spring as the beginning of something great to come.

Spring is a time to update, renew and take stock. We spring clean our house so we can let the sun shine in, get rid of all the cold vibes of winter and put some light and joy into our homes. It’s quite amazing how a simple bunch of daffodils can put a big smile on our faces.

Do you remember as a kid you’d pick a buttercup and put it under your chin and the yellow would reflect onto you (although I’m really not sure of the science behind that indicating we like butter!!) Well I believe that all the beautiful yellows, greens and pinks of Spring do that to us.  They brighten and lighten up our faces.  They make us smile and feel lighter of heart and happier. They bring us the sense that new things are on the way and that wonderful expectation that summer is just around the corner.

Even though it may be a wet and windy day let’s embrace the fact that it is the beginning of something new. The saying goes that March winds and April showers bring forth the May flowers. So bring on the wind and rain, it won’t stop us feeling ready to renew ourselves ready for the Summer.

My next blog is going to be about Spring Cleaning our make-up. How to decide what pieces to keep and when it’s time to get rid of old make-up. Find out how to put together a key kit for your make-up drawer and your make-up bag and how to avoid making mistakes when choosing your make-up in the future.

Sarah x