With the promise of Summer just around the corner and the excitement starting  to begin about ditching our coats, thick tights and cardigans for a few months it’s time to start getting our bodies Summer Ready.

For some reason even though we know that it is only a few weeks until we will get the chance to dig out the summer wardrobe and more of our bodies are on show it still takes us by surprise and we are never ready.

So sometime this week I urge you to carry out this top to toe routine to make you feel your most confident and give your body a boost. I call this my “beauty bath”

Firstly, run yourself a bath (although not entirely necessary, this routine can also be carried out in a shower, a bath is just my preference). Pour in something light but lovely smelling to make you feel relaxed, the water shouldn’t be too hot.

Before you even take a step in the bath your first job is to body brush. This is probably one of the single most effective processes that you can do for your skin. It will brush all the dead skin away and leave your skin feeling soft. Brush your skin in circular movements towards your heart. The next thing to do before getting in the bath is to use a foot paddle to buff your feet to remove dead skin from the soles. You can use a pumice stone or any other manual device but please think carefully about using one of the battery powered ones as they can be just too harsh if you don’t have excessively dry skin.

Now it’s time to get in the bath.. bliss!

You will need a couple of clean flannels at this stage. Firstly you need to cleanse your face. Using a cleanser suited to your skin type gently massage the cleanser all over your face, then use a damp flannel to remove the cleanser. Once your face is cleansed use a moisturising face mask, most of these will take about 15 minutes to work their magic. At the same time as waiting for this, pop on a  moisturising hair mask there are some great ones on the market, but try to find one that again takes about 15 minutes to work.

Just lay back now and relax for a whole 15 minutes knowing that while you are chilling your hair and face products are working for you.

Once 15 minutes are up it’s time to rinse your hair conditioner out and use another damp flannel to take off the face mask. You are now well on your way to soft and beautiful skin and hair.

The last part in your bath is to scrub your hands and feet with a body scrub, removing any dry areas as you go. Again use circular movements for this. That is the end of your bath, but you’re work is not finished yet!!

Have a couple of snuggly clean towels ready for when you get out of the bath, and at yourself dry. When your skin is almost dry apply body moisturiser all over, massaging in with your fingers. Use a foot cream and massage this into your feet, likewise use a hand cream to indulge your hands with and leave them feeling luxuriously soft and smooth and use a nail oil to nourish them and help your cuticles.

The very last step is to moisturise your face. With a moisturizer suited to your skin type use long strokes around your chin and then up your cheeks and along your forehead to indulge your skin. Don’t forget to use an eye cream as the eye area is very sensitive and needs special treatment.

And that’s it! You are now ready to dare to bare in the sunshine, no dry knees or elbows, no heels that you want to cover up, beautifully silky hair and skin that doesn’t need to be hidden under heavy foundation but just a light tinted moisturiser

So why wait any longer, dig out those summer clothes and be ready for the day that big yellow ball in the sky decides to grace us with it’s presence.

Carry this routine out every few weeks over the summer and your skin will stay in tip top condition and keep you body confident all summer long.

If you would like personal advice on beauty and skincare regimes or to purchase products that you can use for the above routine then contact me at sarah@absolutelyfabulousimage.co.uk. 0747 9966771 or take a look through the website.

I would love to hear your feedback.