Stella and Dot Presentation


I am lucky enough to be a member of a fabulous group of ladies that sell the beautiful Stella and Dot jewellery. As a Colour me Beautiful trained Personal Colour and Image consultant I decided to take Stella and Dot on board as their products’ versatility, the promotion of mixed metals and the beautiful colours fitted in perfectly with my colour and image ethos.

Last week I was delighted to give my fellow 'Gem' stylists a few tips at our group meeting, we had a lot of fun and it led to some great discussion. I’d like to share those tips with you now and hopefully you may take something new from it.


The first thing to think about when deciding what colour to recommend to a client is whether they have a warm glow to them or if they are slightly ‘bluer’ or cooler in colour. Do they have an auburn, strawberry blonde or red hair, maybe freckles, brown or green eyes, do they have a good tan, if they do then pop them in warmer coloured jewellery such as corals and greens, they will probably suit gold better than silver. If they have a cooler look to them, blue or steely eyes, grey , ash blonde or black blue hair and a paler complexion, the likelihood is that silver and cooler colours such as blue and pink will suit them better.

The other thing to look at is if they have a delicate and paler look to them then they probably won’t suit bolder colours which will drown their looks, likewise if they have very deep colouring you will want to suggest they try more striking jewellery and less pastel.


Look at your client, is she tall with a big structure, or is she petite, maybe somewhere in between. This is your guide as to what size of jewellery to style her in. If she is tall then a small necklace will be lost on her and will make her look even bigger and out of proportion. Likewise, if you put a very big statement necklace on a petite lady it will drown her and again confuse her proportions. This rule is the same for jewellery, bags and patterns.

Does your client have a large bust? If she does then there are 3 things to remember; don’t let the jewellery ‘hit’, ‘hang’ or ‘hoop’! You don’t want it to hit her bust line (the line between the nipples), you don’t want it to hang over her bust line and you don’t want it to hoop a breast, that is really not a great look!! Try to keep her jewellery between her neck and the top of her chest. It is most flattering if you keep a bit of skin between her neck and the top of her clothing.

Does your client have a smaller chest? If so then layering is the way to go, and we know that Stella and Dot are the best for that.


80% of our decision to purchase is due to our personality, whether we like a dramtic look with big, bold and showy accessories, or if we prefer a softer style with lots of bows and pretty things this is what we are first drawn to. To try to work out what your client is likely to like best look at their handbag, their shoes and their nails, they are great giveaways. Do they have a classic looking handbag, this may mean that they prefer classic jewellery as opposed to high fashion. Do they have the latest designer look handbag with lots of detail, if so then this lady is definitely going to want the new jewellery that she is going to see in all the magazines. This will help you to recommend pieces that are perfect for them and impress them with your styling knowledge.

I hope that this has given you some ideas and maybe make you think a bit more about the person that you are styling. If you get the right product on them they will love and it are sure to buy it.

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