Styling your Wardrobe for Summer Events

With the days being longer, and the opportunity to stay out and see loved ones in the warmer evenings, you may be wondering how to style your outfits to match these events.

For my clients, whether we are having a personal styling session, wardrobe edit, or personal shopping session, the changing of the seasons is a tricky time for them – particularly the in-between seasons such as Spring or Autumn. How can we style our wardrobes without having to completely transform what we have, or buy a new seasonal wardrobe?

When it comes to dressing for warmer weather in the Summer, there are a few go-to personal styling tips I recommend.

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Have light layers you can add to your outfit

The first tip is to remember the weather, while beautifully sunny during the day (when we are lucky in England!) can get pretty chilly in the evening. If you’re going to an outdoors event for the late afternoon to evening, you’ll want to pack a light layer such as a cardigan, blazer, or pashmina.

Having basic layers in your wardrobe that don’t completely cover your outfit can be a good option for the springtime, so you feel like you are still showing off the full outfit, without compromising on warmth.

However, another option that is very fashionable, and comfortable too, is wearing a sweater over your midi or maxi dress or skirt. This can work beautifully depending on how you style it. If you are an hourglass shape, consider a cropped style that stops at your smallest point of your waist, or pair with a belt to bring you in. If you have larger hips, then finding a sweatshirt or cardigan that has detailing at your shoulders or statement sleeves, will work perfectly, too.

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Consider the event you are going to for inspiration for your outfit

If you’re unsure on what to wear for the event you are going to, then styling your outfit based on the event will be very helpful.

For example, if you are going to an evening event at your local pub, you may put on a classic tee, smart jeans (that are comfortable for sitting for long periods of time!), or a midi skirt, with flats or trainers.

If you’re going to a dinner date, you may want to wear a dress with heels and a few sparkly accessories to dress up.

Another go-to option for the spring and summer evenings is attending a cocktail event, this will mean a more formal look, such as a midi or maxi dress with structure to it.

If you know what you are doing for the event, and who you are seeing, this will help you know the outfit choices to consider!

Know your wardrobe basics

Depending on your personal style – for example creative, romantic, edgy, professional – you’ll have a few basics in your wardrobe that make styling a look a breeze.

For me, it’s a midi dress in my go-to colour, with an a-line shape. I know I feel confident in it, and depending on the fabric, I can dress it up or down! If I am having “one of those days” where I have to rush out the door, or go to an event, I know I can easily pick it up and put it on, and feel my best.

For some, this may be jeans and a graphic tee; for others your leather pants and a blouse feel completely “you”. When you understand the pieces that you love to put together, your wardrobe is more approachable.

If you’re wondering how to know what your basics are – think about the most used items in your wardrobe that aren’t your work uniform (if you have one). Do you often wear a polo neck, or are V-necks your go-to neckline? Is your wardrobe filled with dresses that you love to wear in a certain style? Perhaps patterns or colours attract you most – what are they and how do you feel in them?

When you have your own personal style, and your wardrobe basics, you can then invest in some statement pieces that boost your wardrobe for special occasions too.

We all want to enjoy the seasons as they change, and I hope these tips to helping you style your outfits for spring inspire you. If you are looking for a personal stylist that focuses on your personal style, to help you feel your best any time of year, please get in touch.

To help you really understand your style, why not book in for a Style & Image consultation to go on a journey of self-discovery and find out what your own unique personal style is so you can feel fabulous every day!