Sustainable Fashion - Top 5 Tips

By now we should all be more aware of the need to be sustainable when it comes to style.  But how can we be more eco in the fashion stakes?  Here’s my starter for 10!


1. Choose quality over quantity

If you buy well you buy once! Look for good quality material and well made clothes that will last longer than fast fashion, cheaper buys. If you have a lower budget then make sure you spend as much as you can on the key pieces for your wardrobe that you wear all the time.


2. Explore pre-loved and vintage options

This as a favourite pastime of mine. The feeling when you find something that is the perfect colour, wonderful quality and fits beautifully is so wonderful. Knowing that you’ve not only grabbed yourself a bargain, but you’ve also helped the planet is a very pleasing experience. In fact, it can be a bit addictive!

3. Upcycle your existing pieces to bring them up to date.

If you’re great at needlework then this is definitely for you. By changing your clothes to bring them up to date you have a very inexpensive alternative to going out and spending more money on new clothes. Why not change the shape of a collar, add some braiding or change the sleeve or skirt length to make it feel like a new item of clothing. I have had clients in my studio who change a dress they’ve grown tired of changing it into a top or a skirt instead.
Even if you aren’t adept with a needle and thread, I’m sure you could find some great new buttons to put on a jacket to make it feel like new, and why not add a brooch that will need no sewing at all.


4. Buy local. Check out brands that are made in the UK.  You’d be surprised!

What a great way to save the air miles of your clothing and to get to know the provenence of them. There are many home grown brands for you to find out there, just have a google and you’ll be amazed at how many there are.

5. Take care of the clothes you do have so that they stand the test of time.

It really will make a difference. If you’re tempted to throw clothes over the bedroom chair (or exercise bike as I know many people do!!) then think again. Are you one of the many people that can’t remember what needs washing and what doesn’t in the pile of clothes so  just wash them all again in case. Hang up the items that can get another wear out of them before throwing them in the wash. Washing at lower temperatures is also so easy these days with the washing products we can buy.

If we all do our little bit imagine the combined change we can make.