The Trench Coat

The classic trench coat, what an iconic item! It makes me think of glamorous women such as Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn. Beige is a very big story this Spring/Summer and so it’s the perfect time to either dig yours out of your wardrobe, or invest in a new one.

Whilst Beige is a bit of a non-colour, it is a neutral colour and suits most women. 'Beige' can cover a wide range of colours including warmer and cooler tones to enhance your own colouring. If you really don’t like the classic beige trench then there are all sorts of variants out in the shops from caramel and navy, to khaki and red. There’s a colour to suit everyone. To update it why not try tying the belt instead of doing it up in the traditional way, or even tie the belt at the back if you’re wanting to wear it open. It’s such a great shape to pull you in at the waist to create an hourglass figure.

This is definitely not fast fashion, the trench will look after you season after season and is a great wardrobe investment. With these sort of wardrobe staples I would always recommend buying the best that you can afford. Why not take a look at your local clothes agency or second hand stores to see if you can pick up a great bargain and help the planet at the same time by keeping that unwanted clothes mountain down!

A trench coat is so easy to accessorise and update with various colours of scarf, a classy handbag (maybe even with a scarf tied to it) and why not make it totally fashion forward by adding a hat like a fedora or a trilby and don’t forget a super stylish stick brolly to add the final touch.

Whilst the Burberry classic is everywhere right now, it is out of many of our budgets so here are my top three picks in a range of styles and prices:

Gerard Darel £365 from John Lewis

 GD trench £365.PNG

Oasis Martini Mac £75

OasisMartii  Mac £75.PNG

F&F at Next Stone Trench Coat £32

F&F at Next Trench £32.PNG

So come on Spring showers, we're ready for you to do your worst and we shall stay super stylish at the same time!!