Time to ditch the PJs and get down to Business!

Over the last 2 months we have been living in extraordinary times. We have felt like we are constantly firefighting and having to find new ways to carry out tasks that seemed simple before. For many of us, we have had to adapt our way of working which has involved finding somewhere in our homes to set up our base.

But there has been a shift over the last couple of weeks, we are no longer in ‘emergency measures’ we are now in ‘the new norm’. Action Coach Nell Opdebeeck, who works with business owners to help them grow explains it like this:

“Every professional sports star always has the same way of getting ready for a big game. They either wear the same clothes, use the same racket, they walk or drive the same route, listen to the same playlist..... having rituals in place helps us be more successful.

Pre-Covid, we would have got up early, had breakfast, potentially take kids to school, drive into work. Would you show up at work still in your pyjama's, without your packed lunch, without having listened to the same radio station, audio book or playlist? Of course you wouldn't! However, since Covid, our routines have changed. And so have our rituals. It also means we don't feel the same. Putting on your suit, your work outfit, some make up or even perfume instantly puts you in a different mindset. It puts you in "work mode" and makes us act differently, we are more focused, we achieve more.

Some of my clients have been talking about the difference that splash of perfume or lippy is making to how they feel. So, time to stop "working from home" and time to start "WORKING from home".

Wise words there from Nell and I wholeheartedly agree with what she says. My new desk essentials aren’t a stapler and hole punch but a lipstick and hairbrush as nobody has normal phone calls anymore, it’s always via a video call, and looking well groomed is so important to give a good impression of you and your business. Many of us took our foot off the gas while we went through a period of adjustment to these new times, but now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and accelerate into the new norm (oh I do love an analogy!)

Here are my top tips on how to move into your new normal:


If you aren’t used to working from home then it’s probably seemed like a bit of a bonus to be ale to get up, open up the laptop and starting work. It’s been tempting to wear our PJs or yoga pants all day but you are also likely to be tempted to sit on your settee, as opposed at a desk or table, what can lead to being less productive.

Instead, wear something with a bit more structure to it, this will instantly make you want to sit up straighter, it is also better for your posture and your body. If you’re wearing something that you wouldn’t want someone else to see you in, then change into something more appropriate for your business.

Get yourself back into a good morning routine, maybe decide on the hours of your new working day. If you do just get up and open the laptop to get started on work, you might find half the day has gone before you remember to even get showered. So, start the new habit of getting up, showered, teeth brushed, do your skincare, your hair and then why not put on a bit of lipstick so you really feel ready for your day. Obviously, you may have a different routine but try to make this a habit from now on.

woman in bathrobe.jpg


Was there something about you before the lockdown that you were known for. Maybe it was for wearing bright colours, for always having funky jewellery or a bright lipstick. Maybe even for wearing great shoes. Another thing that I am very guilty of is for putting my hair up, I always used to wear it down when I was working and would sling it up when I was chilling, I probably even washed it more often, so let’s ditch the pony tail and make a bit of time for our hair.

Your uniqueness is also your personal brand so it’s time to bring that back and remind the world who you are and that you are moving forward in this new normal and that you mean business.

woman working from home.jpg


I know so many people that have slipped into wearing black and dull colours which is such a shame. Wearing colour has such a positive effect on us in so many ways, it can lift our mood, make us feel more self-confident and increase self-esteem. When you wear the best colours for you it makes you look more youthful, it will even out your complexion and give you an overall healthy appearance.

If you don’t know the best colours for you yet, then now is the time to get them analysed so you can move forward with the knowledge that you are looking vibrant and feeling confdent.



In Summary

It’s time to move into the next stage of this situation and make our new norm. It’s unlikely to be the same as your old normal but try not losing who you really are in the process.

Remember, if you look good you feel good. If you feel good you feel more positive. If you feel more positive you will be more productive!


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