Top Tips - Dressing for Working At Home

It would be so easy to just fall into the trap of getting up, putting on a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt and starting work, and if that’s what you want to do, and maybe what you’ve always done, then that’s absolutely fine, however if you’re used to having a reason to get up and get dressed for that has now disappeared it may well be difficult to get into a new routine of dressing. Here I’ve shared my top tips for dressing for working from home.

Good Grooming


If there’s one thing that I would highly recommend when dressing for working at home, it’s getting into a routine for self-grooming in the morning. As we aren’t actually going out to meet people it would be easy to fall into ‘weekend mode’ but that isn’t going to be helpful to promote a successful workday.

Decide on your morning routine, it could be get up, shower, brush your teeth, brush your hair, put on a couple of items of make-up if you would normally wear it (I would suggest mascara, blusher and lipstick), get dressed and then have some breakfast and feel awake, well groomed and ready to start your work day.

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It is vital to either keep your good skincare routine going or to use this time to put one in place now so it will be a habit by the time things start returning to normal. Morning routine should consist of cleansing, toning and moisturising. This could be using a face wash in the shower and then putting on moisturiser but it’s important as we will be inside a lot more and our skin will need some extra attention. In the evening you should still cleanse, tone and add a nourishing night cream, even if you don’t wear make-up. If you do then I recommend a double cleanse to ensure your face is totally clean before applying your night cream. I would also highly recommend you use an eye cream. I have filmed some YouTube videos with instructions on how to do this so please enjoy them.

When you're dressing for working at home I would encourage you to wear your favourite perfume, not for anyone else but just for yourself... to steal a phrase… because you’re worth it.


It could be a while before we are able to get to the hairdresser so it’s important to look after it as best you can at home. Don’t think it doesn’t matter if it’s just left unclean and messy if you usually have a routine for washing it. It would be very easy to not bother and that could easily make us feel bad about ourselves and even lead to depression. Wash your hair twice with the shampoo and once with the conditioner, giving it a cold blast at the end and this will leave you with squeaky clean hair with a great shine to it. 

For more tips to help you look your best while staying at home, check out these ideas from Lifestyle Blogger April J Harris

What to Wear:

Style Personality

It’s going to be super important in these days of dressing to work at home not to lose sight of who we really are. I talk a lot to my style clients about their style personality during a style and image consultation. I, for example, am a dramatic which means I like to wear bolder colours, striking and eye-catching pieces and always like to put on my make-up and jewellery. If I slide down that slippery slope into just getting up and putting on some PJs, then within a few weeks I will be feeling depressed because I just don’t feel like myself anymore. If you are a natural then this time is going to fall really well into your category as you already prefer and practical and unfussy look, but still stick to the good grooming routine (possibly leaving out the make-up).

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Think about what colours to wear. I have also written a blog about what to wear for a video call which talks about colours to wear when you are having a face to face call with someone, but if you don’t have anyone to see just think about what colours make you feel positive and happy. For me it’s red, it always makes me feel uplifted and happy.

All colours have positive and negative energies, here is a brief look at the psychology of a few of the most popular colours:


positives: focus, clarity of mind, decision-making

Negatives – Avoid if you are feeling anxious or in an argumentative mood.


Positives: good for finding calm, peace, inner strength

Negatives: Avoid when feeling lonely or sad 


Positives: Great for renewal, growth and forgiveness

Negatives: avoid when feeling jealous or envious 


Positives: Nurturing, gratitude, unconditional self love

Negatives: Avoid wearing when feeling emotional vulnerable


Positives: Feeling secure and grounded, moving forward

Negatives: Stay away from this colour when feeling stressed


Positives: Feeling energised, mood boosting, encourages creative thinking

Negatives: avoid when feeling angry, anxious or when you don’t want to get noticed

Think about how you’re feeling and choose a colour to boost your mood and thus make you even more productive. If you have had your colours analysed then you will already know which tone of these colours to wear, whether you need softer or more vibrant colours, deeper or lighter colours or blue or yellow toned colours. If you’d like to find out more about colour analysis do check out my blog on the subject.


When you’re dressing for working from home it is important to stay comfortable in your clothing, but that doesn’t mean it has to be PJs. You may not be seeing anyone but for your own self esteem ensure that what you wear is clean, free from any holes and still makes you feel good when you wear it. Wear clothes that you would be happy to be seen in by another person. If you would be embarrassed if someone came to the door then it’s probably not the right thing to be wearing to work in.



If you follow these simple steps for dressing for working from home you will feel positive and productive and make the most of this time in an unusual, but comfortable, working environment.