What is a Style & Image Consultation

A visit to a personal stylist for a personal style and image consultation will take you on a wonderful voyage of self-discovery. You will understand your body and your purchasing choices in a new way and find out why you sometimes make mistakes and purchase items that should work on you.


Why would you come for a style and image consultation?

There are so many different reasons people decide now is the time to find out about their style and image. It usually begins with a switch clicking and realising that you just aren’t making the most of yourself. Maybe you’ve already had your colours done but it’s just not enough, you still have clothes that don’t make you feel amazing. Perhaps you are experiencing a life event such as a new job, a big birthday, retirement, going back to work after a while, wanting to find a new love or maybe you just looked in the mirror one day and saw someone looking back at you that you didn’t recognise. These are just a few of the reasons to come for a consultation but everyone wants the same result, to look and feel fabulous which in turn will give you the confidence to live your life to the fullest and with confidence.


What happens during the style and image consultation?

The first thing to happen is a bit of chatting. It’s so important to find out why you feel now is the right time for you to address this. I will ask about your lifestyle, what you dress for, how your clothes make you feel, how you want your clothes to make you feel. All of this is so important to make sure that the style we develop for you is totally unique to you, it’s not a one size fits all service. I will make notes of the key things you want to achieve and at the end of the consultation ensure that all your queries have been covered.


Once we understand what we want to achieve we can get down to the practicalities. We will assess your body shape, proportions, scale and style personality. You will find out what all this means, it may be the reason why you hate wearing skirts or can never find a pair of jeans that fit. It will help you understand why you have perfectly good clothes hanging in your wardrobe but don’t want to wear them. Ultimately it will mean that you don’t make expensive mistakes in the future and you will be more focussed when you go shopping again.


We will look at clothing lines that will suit you, for instance what style of jacket or dress, what length and style of skirt you should be wearing to flatter your figure. What size and style of pattern you should wear, what materials will be the best and how to bring balance to your figure.


There are many other areas to cover from hairstyles to make-up, accessories to what shops to visit that will best suit your style personality, how to enjoy reading fashion magazines, how to choose the best glasses to name just a few. What is important is that we cover what is important to YOU, so that YOU get the result that you want.


How will you feel after the consultation?

I’ll be honest, initially your brain may be buzzing at all the information that you will have taken in, but you will feel excited to put it all into practice and go home and look through your wardrobe. You will take away a booklet that tells you everything we have discussed so there’s no need to worry that you’ll forget everything the minute you leave. I am just an email, text or phone call away to ask any queries. Many of my clients send me photos to ask for an opinion on an outfit (sometimes even from a fitting room)!


What’s the next step on the style journey?

Once you have had your colours and your style consultations the next step would be to have a wardrobe edit. During this we will find how we can put new outfits together from those that you already own and see if there are any gaps in your wardrobe that need filling during a shopping trip. Read here to find out more about wardrobe editing.


If you feel that you're ready to start your new fabulous journey of style then contact me by either calling 07888 695281 or via my contact page.