What's your Colour Type?

Colour Types – An introduction

As I was talking about in my last post, Live a Life More Colourful, colour is so important in life. It has the power to change our moods and feelings and change the perception we have of ourselves and that of others around us. So as you can see, it’s really important to get it right. As a Personal Stylist I will show you how the colours you wear will make you look your best every day, and how wearing the wrong colours will make you look out of balance and it will change the way people see you. By wearing the right colours you will look and feel healthier, more youthful, more confident and generally happier. I’ve seen it happen many times with my clients, and they tell me how wonderful they feel knowing their unique colouring and how to wear their colours.

There are 3 elements to colour, the undertone, the clarity and the depth, and these lead to 6 main colouring types: Warm, Cool, Soft, Clear, Light, Deep. These are our six main colour types. Let me show you what happens when you wear the right colours, and also the wrong ones!

Below are six beautiful women who generally always look fabulous but even they can have an off day, and that is generally because they are in the wrong colour

Wow, look at Pryanka Chopra in the left photo wearing the most beautiful clear red dress and lipstick, her eyes are shining bright, her hair looks shiny and her complexion looks stunning. When you look at her in the outfit she wore to Meghan and Will’s wedding on the right the colour is too plain for her and is not complementing her colour but actually fighting against it.


When we look at these photos of the beautiful Kylie Minogue and her softer, more muted colouring, we see the photo on the left shows her natural beauty off and the colour of the dress is secondary, whilst on the right we are drawn straight to the colour of the dress. Her complexion looks less clear and the colour is wearing her as opposed to her wearing the colour!


Looking at Meghan Markle in these photos she has really found her style and her dark hair and black dress on the left draw us in to look at her stunning features, in the photo on the right, her hair is a lot lighter and warmer and whilst it still looks good (she is a Holllywood starlet after all), along with the softer colour of her blouse it makes her look a bit more ordinary, and her eyes are much less stunning.


Gwynneth Paltrow has a much lighter colouring and when she wears colours such as the one on the left, we look at her natural beauty and she looks in harmony with her outfit. On the right, wearing the black, the colour is draining her natural colouring. It is a much harsher look, more imposing and she is the second thing we see, the colour being the first, there is a definite barrier between her and her outfit.


Well, what can I say about the stunning Christina Hendricks. In the photo on the left in that exquisite green dress it shows her warm colouring off beautifully, giving her a golden glow and she is in perfect harmony between her colouring and her outfit. On the right, wearing the cooler blue dress it is fighting against her natural colouring, her hair looks a bit less natural and her skin has a less even tone.


Helen Mirren is always fabulous in my view but here we can see the difference between her with her wonderful cool white hair on the left, in the most stunning blue dress and diamond/sapphire necklace and on the right before she let her natural cool beauty show through. You can see how by going white her complexion is clearer and it actually gives a more youtfhul appearance. Many of my clients are nervous about making the change to white hair but if you have the right complexion you will be completely delighted with the results.

Do you identify with any of these colouring types and can you see how, by wearing the correct colours, you can make yourself look more harmonious and in balance with the outfits you wear?  By wearing the right colours people can find you more approachable and you can look and feel more healthy and youthful.

I’d love your views and to hear if you can identify with any of these lovely ladies. Do you have something in a colour that when you wear it everyone tells you how great you look, but your not really sure why?

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