Absolutely Fabulous Brides

Bridal Consultation

With so many beautiful wedding gowns to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. A Bridal Image Consultation is the perfect way to ensure that you look stunning on your wedding day.

We will carry out an in-depth colour analysis with special focus on the right shades for your wedding day. We will work on finding the perfect dress to suit your colouring, shape, style personality and type of wedding giving suggestions for veils, tiaras, headdresses and jewellery to suit your scale and proportions. By looking at your face shape we can recommend the most flattering hairstyles. To finish the look perfectly we will carry out a full make-up application in the colours that suit you best.

Cost is £250 and takes approximately 2.5 hours. You will receive a 42 colour swatch wallet, your bridal style guide AND a copy of Be a Beautiful Bride.

Personal Shopping for Brides

To follow on from your consultation it may be worth an extra investment too save you time and further stress. We will use the information from your consultation to offer expert advice and an honest and unbiased opinion. We can also offer this service to the Bridal party including your Bridesmaids and the all important Mothers.

Cost is £50 per hour (plus travel and parking expenses)

Bridal Make-Up

You want to look like a million dollars on your wedding day so getting your make-up right is vitally important. We will create a natural and radiant look that is camera ready, yet feels weightless, comfortable and lasts all day.

During your initial practice run-through you will have plenty of time to decide on the colours and techniques that you want for the day. We can show you how to apply the wedding make-up yourself or attend on the day to do your make-up and other members of the bridal party if you wish.

Make-up trial £50 within a 10 mile radius. (Mileage added on for further away)

Pre-wedding meeting about 4 weeks prior to day £25 (mileage added if over 5 miles)

Wedding Day. £50 per hour. You will obviously want your make-up done on the day but I am also happy to carry out make-up on your bridesmaids and mother. We would decide in advance how many people will need made up and that will dictate how long and I will be with you for.

Colour and Style for Bridesmaids and Mothers

Your wedding is also a special day for your Bridesmaids and the Mothers too and you want their outfits not only to complement what you are wearing but also fit in with their colourings and style so you can all look back on the photos and look and feel great about yourselves. 

Why not recommend, or treat them to, a colour or style consultation. 

During the the Colour Consultation they will learn to understand why certain shades complement their natural colouring more than others. What their personal dominant colouring is and how this determines what colours suit best. How to wear and combine colours to achieve the look she wants both for the weeding and for their everyday wardrobe and how to apply this to the colours they already have.

From the Style Consultation, they will leave with knowledge of the most flattering styles and fabrics for their shape, learn how to emphasise what they like and disguise what they don't like about themself. How to express her personality through her special occasion wear as well as her every day wardrobe and ultimately to dress with confidence whatever the occasion.

Cost for Colour Consultation is £120 and takes approx 90 minutes. Client leaves with a personal 42 colour fabric swatch wallet.

Cost for Style Consultation is £120 and takes approx 2 hours. Client will take away a personal 28 page style workbook.