I consider make-up to be an important part of being stylish for most women. It's not about the amount that we wear but it's about adding definition. We aren't trying to correct anything, or add extra colour we are just trying to make our eyes, cheeks and lips look defined and therefore making us look more youthful and well put together. 

It's also very important though to use products that blend with your natural colouring and don't fight against it. We don't want to look fake we just want to look like us but our very best self. You may wish to use a full make-up with a foundation base, colour correctors and products to make it last longer, or you may prefer a 'less is more' look with only a couple of products. Both of these ways can produce great results. 

I can help you achieve your desired look in several ways:

Firstly I can carry out a make-up lesson for you. During this lesson you will understand what it feels like to apply the make-up, where to apply it and what colours suit you best. It's an all too familiar story that I hear from my clients that they have visited a make-up stand and come away with a look they don't like and clean off as soon as they get home. This will not happen with me as I listen to what you want to achieve, how long you have to apply it and the look you like. This is a totally bespoke lesson for you personnaly.

Secondly I can advise you on what colours of make-up are best for you and direct you to my make-up store with Colour Me Beautiful so you know the make-up colours you get will complement, and be harmonious, with your own colouring.

If you would like to browse the Colour Me Beautiful Make-up collection please click here

You can see my make-up tutorials either at @abfabimage on YouTube or on the link about for AbfabimageTV

If you would like to know more about finding out your colours in a colour analysis then please read this blog which will tell you exactly how it is carried out and what to expect from a colour analysis consultation.