Personal Colour Analysis

Do you go out shopping with every intention of buying something colourful but always end up buying black? Have you ever gone out feeling that somehow your outfit just isn't right but don't know why? 

A personal colour analysis will show you why particular colours complement you better than others and how to wear them to your best effect. Don't think I'll be sending you off to buy a whole new wardrobe because I will show you how to make the best of the clothes that you already have, maybe adding a few items to bring it all together. To complement that I will also give you a full make-up to show you how to marry together your fabulous new look.

You will receive a personal 42 swatch shopping wallet so next time you go shopping you will know exactly what colours to look for and won't end up buying that black dress ... again! 

Includes a personalised colour swatch wallet. 

The cost for this service is £180

Click here to read more about having a colour analysis.

Client testimonial: Book immediately. It was brilliant. I learnt so much - but most of all Sarah made it fun all the way through.  It was so far out of my comfort zone, but Sarah's warmth, enthusiasm and knowledge made it a joy.  I learnt so much.  Highly recommended. 

Colour Review

Did you have your colours done years ago and feel that your colours have changed? 

I can offer you a re-assessment of your colours -  this one-hour session includes make-up application and a review of your colour palette. I will assess which colours in your wallet are still correct for you and additional swatches can be purchased at £6.50 each. If your colouring has changed dramatically, you will be able to purchase a complete new wallet of 42 colours.

Please contact me for costs. 

Personal Style Consultation

By taking into account your body shape, proportions, scale, style personality and budget I will show you how to wear clothes that flatter your shape and style and will make you feel ultimately more confident and feel like YOU and not what the magazines say you should look like!

We will determine your 'style personality' and assess your body shape. With this information we can then discuss the best styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories to make the best of your features and how to disguise those you are not so keen on. I will ask you to bring along several outfits, some you like and some not so much, and once we have found out your true style we can discuss these outfits and the good and maybe not so great features of them.

You will receive a personalised Style File document that you can refer to which will have all the information that we discuss during your consultation.This will be emailed to you after the consultation.

Click here to find out more about a Style & Image Consultation

The cost for this service is £180

Make-up Lesson

Do you have a drawer full of make-up but none of it looks quite right on you, or goes with each other? Maybe you have a drawer with your old favourites but can't get up the courage to go to the make-up counter and try out something new? Perhaps like many of us you've never been able to make up your mind what your face shape is. 

With a personalised make-up lesson using the Colour Me Beautiful range of specialised colour cosmetics, I will show you how to apply the right colours and products to complement your colouring, personality and face shape. We will discuss how best to care for your skin, how to apply a quick and easy, and just as importantly, a long lasting make-up. You will leave with the confidence and knowledge that you are able to apply and wear the right products and colours to enhance your natural features.

The make-up lesson lasts about an hour. You will leave with all the knowledge and tips you need to apply your make-up with confidence.

The cost for this service is £70

Client testimonial: After being on this earth 50 years I finally know how to apply make up. Not only so it looks professional but in the colours that suit me. Sarah is absolutely lovely, would definitely, definitely recommend. 

Complete Image Makeover

Sometimes in life we need to stop, take stock and make a decision to take a really good look at ourselves. With this premium service we will look at the best colours, styles, materials, patterns, accessories, basic hair styles and make-up that will make you feel ultimately more confident and feel happier about how you feel and how you portray yourself. 

This is a bespoke service and we will have a discussion, prior to meeting in person, to ensure we cover all the areas that are stopping you feeling fabulous. 

If you're looking for something to give you a boost so that you can look in the mirror and smile, or if you feel like you have lost yourself,  then this is definitely the service for you.

The cost for this service is £ 380.

Client testimonial: After feeling like I was going through an early mid life crisis (!) I decided I needed some urgent style and makeover help! I was put in contact with Sarah and after viewing her website, I went with the full Complete Image Makeover. As soon as I met Sarah I was put at ease and felt very comfortable with her in her lovely home by the Thames. Sarah spent over 4hrs looking at what colours worked for me and my skin tone, working out what skin tone 'type' I was and gave my makeup an overhaul!! (I've had the same look for as long as I can remember). We went through styles to suit my body shape as well as hair styles that would suit and shoes & accessories. In fact - pretty much anything you can think of to do with personal style was covered!

I can't thank Sarah enough and I enjoyed every minute. I will shortly be booking a Personal Shopping trip with her so she can help me pick out my new wardrobe! 

If you feel stuck in a rut and bored with the same old style day in day out then book a session with Sarah. You'll feel like a new person and won't look back!!

Seasonal Style Update

A Style Update takes the indecision and frustration out of looking up-to-date each season.

How it works

I will go through the new season's looks and show you which ones work best for you and why.  You will learn about the 'must haves', the make-up trends and where the best places are to shop for your shape and colouring, always taking your budget into consideration.  You will also be shown how to re-style pieces that you already have and learn simple ideas for updating your wardrobe and accessorising to keep your look current. You will recieve a Style Update card as a guide to all that you’ve learned in the session.

My style update will include:

  • This season’s must haves
  • Where to shop for your best styles
  • Your best colours this season and how to combine them
  • A new and natural make-up look
  • Easy ways to update your existing wardrobe

Please contact me for costs.

Wardrobe Editing

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Maybe you find it hard to put outfits together from the clothes that you do have. Would you like it quicker and easier to find an outfit to put on without throwing most of it on the bed before deciding on what to wear?

During your wardrobe edit we will decide how your wardrobe needs to work for you, sort clothes into those to keep, adapt, put into storage or maybe donate to a good cause. We'll put into place a system to make life easier and to make the best of the clothes you have. We will then see what staple pieces would be a good investment to make your wardrobe work it's best for you so next time you go out, the bed is clear and you can easily find something to wear. This is also the perfect next step after a colour and/or image consultation.

To find out more about wardrobe editing click here

This service is charged at £70 per hour plus travelling and expenses.

Personal Shopping

Do you have a special occasion coming up and need the perfect outfit? Maybe you go shopping with good intentions and come home with something you didn't want or need and doesn't go with anything else you own and it stays in the wardrobe with the label on. Perhaps you're just ready to update your wardrobe with some new fashion pieces. 

I can provide you with a personal shopping service that will see you purchasing items that will not only flatter you, but also combine with your current clothes to enhance your wardrobe and your overall look. If you have already had the colour and/or personal image consultation this is the perfect next step.

This service is charged at £70 per hour plus travelling and expens

Personal Shopping