Price - £99. Duration approx. 45 minutes. Includes 30 swatch wallet and Seasonal Style Update Card posted after consultation.

Before the consultation I will ask you to forward a couple of photographs of yourself in a couple of different colours. These images need to be taken fairly close up and in good daylight. 

I will ask you to be ‘make-up free’ for the consultation so I can see your natural colouring. Have your make-up bag on hand though so we can talk about which shades are best for you during the session. Having an additional two or three tops/blouses/knitwear on hand could also be beneficial – maybe select a couple of items you love wearing, and one or two garments that are your least favourite shades or indeed, have never been worn.

After a detailed explanation of the colour me beautiful system, and an in-depth look and discussion regarding your colouring, I will then select the most appropriate palette of colours from one of the six Colour Me Beautiful dominant colouring types. You will then be shown several shades that are included in your swatch wallet (30 shades) that is posted out to you after the session. Most importantly, I will show you the current seasons’ shades and how to mix and match them with the colours you already have.

You will receive your swatch wallet and guide by post within a few days of the consultation

A face-to-face follow-up appointment can be made for the future so that your secondary and tertiary shades (12) can be added to your swatch wallet.  During this one-hour consultation, your most flattering cosmetic shades will be applied, and you will be shown your complete range of colours – all 42 of them! The cost for this will be £60 and the session will take approx. 1 hour.

Online Colour Analysis


Price - £99. Duration approx. 1.5 hours. Includes a personalised ‘Style File’ document emailed to you after the consultation.

Before the consultation I will ask you to forward me a couple of photos of you wearing something that I can see your body shape in (leggings and vest top for example). I assure you of absolute confidentiality and only I will see these photos. I will also forward a style personality questionnaire for you to complete and ask you to think about any style/shopping/clothes issues that you may have.

During the consultation I will explain about your body shape and how to dress it to its best effect. We will discuss your style personality and what that means for how you choose what styles to wear and how it can help you find your own unique style. We will then talk about how to put all of this into action so that you understand how to put an outfit together that will make you feel confident and stylish. I will also explain the importance of scale and how that affects your purchasing decisions.

After the consultation I will send you a ‘Style File’ document explaining everything that we have talked about so that you have all the information to hand that you require to feel like a stylish and confident woman.

If you haven’t already had a colour analysis this consultation works very well with the online colour analysis.

Online Style & Image Consultation

Price - £50. Duration approx. 1 hour. Includes recommendations for colours of make-up.
The make-up lessons can be carried out in several different ways.
1.If you already have make-up and would like to learn how to apply it this will be a hands on lesson via zoom and I will let you know what products you will need in advance so we can do the make-up together and I can talk you through application techniques. £45
2.If you are looking to invest I can advise on what make-up you require and direct you to my make-up shop on the Colour Me Beautiful site. This can then be sent directly to you and I will then show you how to apply it.
This is a totally bespoke session and the aim is to achieve a look that fits in with your style, and the time you have available for your make-up application. We will go from a basic day look to a more striking evening look, with lots of hints and tips along the way.

    Online Make-up Lesson LipsticksOnline make-up lesson blusher


Would you like to go to your wardrobe every day and love everything you have in there. For all your clothes to make you look and feel fabulous and ready to take on the day! That is what you will end up with after a thorough wardrobe edit. This is particularly effective after you have had your colour analysis and style/image consultation. By following a structured approach we will sift through your wardrobe together (online of course) and keep the clothes that are working for you, find ways to make others work for you, move on the ones that are never going to be right and come up with a list of items that would be great additions to your wardrobe. Along the way we will also find new combinations for the clothes you already own so they get a new lease of life.

This service is charged at £50 per hour


I am delighted to announce my new online shopping experience which will be the antidote to all of this. It’s a fun, yet focussed, way to add some wonderful pieces to refresh your wardrobe without having to go trapsing around the shops, which is not a pleasant experience at the moment. It has several steps to it:

1.We have a zoom chat to find out what it would be good to add to your wardrobe to update/refresh it or to replace any items that have worked hard and are now ready to be moved on.

2.I spend time online shopping and gather a list of approx. 30 items that I know will look great on you.

3.Grab a glass of wine, or a cup of tea/coffee and we will spend an hour going through all the items I have sourced for you via zoom and put them in groups of ‘love and want to buy’ and ‘not sure, will look at again’. This will usually lead on to seeing other items and thinking of other additions that would be great for you.

4.I will then send you a list of all the items we looked at, what category they came in and links of where to buy them for you to order.

5.This next part can be done virtually or face to face, depending on whether you are ready for me to come to you in person or not. This is the fun part where you get to try everything on and I will give you my honest opinion and we can go through your wardrobe to see what fabulous outfits we can put together with your new clothes and the ones you already have. I allow 2 hours for this part.

You will then be able to feel and look fabulous every day, for whatever form your life takes these days.

This service is charged at £50 per hour

Payment for your consultation will need to be received by bank transfer prior to the session taking place. On booking you will receive an invoice with bank details on it for the transfer.